Paul Bosco

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Paul Bosco

About Paul

Paul Bosco is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 30 years experience providing individual, couples, and family therapy to adults ages 18 thru seniors. He has extensive experience treating addictions (drug and alcohol, sexual, gambling), habit control problems (smoking, overeating), and helping people cope with chronic, health-related problems (chronic pain, chronic medical diagnoses). He works with young adults struggling with the transition into college or independent living. He also counsels couples who are dealing with infidelity issues. Paul has consulted with the Cancer Treatment Program for Cancer Patients and Spouses at the Helen Graham Center at Christiana Hospital.

Graduate Degree

MSW, Temple University School of Social Administration, 1976

Post Graduate Training

Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic Practicum Program

Family Therapy Training Program at Hahnneman University

International Psychotherapy Institute Chevy Chase, Md.


Licensed Clinical Social Workers Society of Delaware

Clinical Social Work Association, National Association

Fellow - International Psychotherapy Institute, Chevy Chase Md.

Greater Philadelphia Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Greater Philadelphia Pain Society


Delaware: Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Maryland: Licensed Certified Social Worker – Clinical

Address and Hours of Operation

1400 Peoples Plaza — Suite 204, Newark, Delaware 19702

Appointments are available Monday thru Thursday

Please call (302) 832-1282 ext 204 to schedule an appointment.

Paul Bosco is affiliated with Allied Behavioral Health.

Below is a link for more information about that practice and the services offered.

Allied Behavioral Health Delaware



We all have within us the resources to cope with life’s challenges. However, as part of being human, we also have emotional vulnerabilities or weaknesses that we live with. At certain times in our lives, life’s challenges can overwhelm our established coping mechanisms and expose the vulnerabilities with which we live. It is at times like this that a person, couple, or family may reach out to a therapist for help.

The therapist must make a connection with the client inspiring a trust that allows a client to open up about the pain he or she faces, be receptive to the help offered, and to make the efforts required for change and growth. The therapists role as a catalyst for growth involves creating an environment of emotional safety, trust, and understanding that helps a client push themselves to make the changes needed to improve his or her life.

In fulfilling that role, the therapist needs to balance his own optimism that change is possible with a sensitivity to the client’s position in terms of readiness, confidence, and hope for change. That sensitivity will guide the therapist in knowing when a client is ready for specific advice-strategies, when a client needs assistance managing the discomfort that comes with change, or when understanding of the client’s fears about change is required.


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1400 Peoples Plaza — Suite 204, Newark, Delaware 19702